All our products on offer are directly from farmers in South Africa, and are displayed in the online shop.  None of our products are sourced from wholesalers, manufactures or supermarkets. Therefore, whether you have a salad or a freshly baked venison pie for lunch; it is still all directly from the farm!

Superior quality, freshness and nutritional value are all non-compromising qualities of all our products.  But such is affordability, and since we supply directly from the farm in the shortest possible way, we can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised with the prices!

We acknowledge that we deal with perishable products, thus to offer peace of mind, we have a refund policy in place should you not be 100% satisfied with the freshness or quality of your purchase.  Check out the refund policy here.

As more farmers join the Alliance, the product range will expand on a continuous basis. It is our vision to eventually present you with a wide variety of farm products to purchase including meat, fish, fruit, salads, vegetables, dairy, eggs, herbs, oil, freshly baked items and snacks; all proudly South African and sourced from our South African farmers only. We pledge to introduce more quality products on a weekly basis. However, please keep in mind that the variety of fruits and vegetables you will receive, will vary with seasons.

We do not market exclusively organic products, although some farmers are committed to increase their organic offer on a continuous basis.  Organic products in the online shop will be clearly marked.  However, all products will be clean, safe to use and will come from participating farmers that underwrite safe and responsible production guidelines.

You will also note that we supply authentic food products; therefore pre-prepared or processed foods will be limited to specific special orders only.  Our unique concept to cater for the individual needs of each consumer compelled us to make a special service available e.g. having the hard vegetables such as butternuts or gem squash pre-cut for our senior citizen customers.


All our farmers are proud of their products, and they present it with pride in the online shop.

Nutritious, quality, affordability
… as it is supposed to be…