Our online shop is the way we make our products available to you.  It is always only a few clicks away, whether you are on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  It was set-up in way to be user friendly, easy and straight forward to use.  All the products displayed are what we will have on offer every week, unless it is clearly marked “out of season” or “out of stock”.  And remember, the prices displayed at each product will be the price you pay. VAT is included in the price when it is applicable.

Our online shop also provides the opportunity for quick and effective communication.  When you visit it and a question pops up, or perhaps a special request, engage with us through the media available and we will come back to you.  Maybe you have a complaint or a suggestion, again use the engage with us link and let us know.  Also remember to subscribe to the Newsletters or visit the Recipes section.

Lastly, special attention was taken to ensure that the website is secure and that none of the personal information required can leak out.