Frequently Asked Questions

Account, Sign-up, Ordering and Payments

We value your trust in providing us some of your personal information, thus we are using commercially acceptable means of protecting it.

All payments made will be by EFT from your bank to us.

All personal addresses, emails and contact numbers will used by the personnel of Authentic Food Alliance only for purposes of rendering the service to you.  No such information will be made available to any third party.

All payments must be made by an EFT.   Just follow the steps as you check-out. It is easy and will ensure to keep all your information secure.  You can pay from your credit card or normal bank account.

Payment will be required as part of the check-out procedure. No order can be processed without a payment.

Deliveries and Delivery Dates

You can view all our delivery areas and pickup locations here.

You can choose to either have your order delivered to your privates address at a cost of R57,50 (VAT inclusive) per order;

or (our preferred option)

You can collect your order at the collection point of your choice at a cost of R25 (VAT inclusive) per order.

It will be required from you to choose either option before your order is completed. As indicated, for logistical purposes, we encourage clients to rather use the option to collect their orders from a collection point of your choice.

You can view all our delivery areas and pickup locations here.

  • Collection points will be open on the days when your order is delivered only. From around 12h00 in the afternoon till everybody collected their order, or no later than 19h00 that evening.  Some collections points will close earlier however, especially those at schools – the times when each collection point is open is clearly indicated next to the details of that point.
  • It is important to ensure that we have your cell phone number in order for us to keep you up to date with the deliveries of your order, or perhaps remind you to collect your order, especially when its running late!

The AFA representative at the collection point will have a record of your name and your order.  Present him/her with your ID, drivers’ licence or even better, a copy of your paid order on your smart-phone or tablet, and they will ensure that the correct order is handed to you.  It would take you no longer than a few minutes.

It is important to note that the AFA representatives will NOT have extra products available to sell, or receive any cash at their collection points.

For sure you can – email us with your request at and we will attend to it.  Our preferred option, as well as the most convenient option to you, is to register your work address as a collection point – orders are then delivered to your work and you just collect your order on your way home in the afternoon.

It is an important prerequisite that we need to deliver at least more than 5 orders at a collection point at a time.  The second important prerequisite is that there must be a cool area to keep all the orders till all the orders are collected.

Email us at as soon as possible in order for us to make arrangements.  When no arrangements are made within 24 hours after the day you were suppose to collect your order, the order will be delivered to Child welfare in that particular town.

Just follow the steps in the “check out” section, after completing your order.

Please ensure that your address is correct and include gate codes if required.

Please also ensure that you are home, or there is somebody at home to receive your order.  Keep in mind, just as important it is to deliver your order within the time frame provided, so it is important that you do not keep the driver unnecessarily long in order for him to leave amicably to deliver other orders in time as well.

However, we encourage clients to rather make use of the collection points as we have limited infrastructure available to deliver a 1000 orders in 1 day!

Home deliveries will be made between 08h00 and 18h00 in the evening on the day that your order must be received.  Please ensure that you are home, or that there are somebody home to receive the order.  Due to perishable nature of the products, we do not want to leave your order outside in a garage or under a tree!  You can choose the time that you would prefer your order to be delivered and we will try our best to stick to those times.  We will also keep you up to date via whatsapp if we are running late, or perhaps early!

Although much care is taken to ensure that each order is picked and packed 100% correctly, a mistake may occur.  Please let us know a.s.a.p. in order for us to correct the problem, but not later than 1 hour after receiving your order.  Send us a mail at or a Whatsapp on 084 588 6750.


You can find out more about our products here.

Please see our Guarantee and Refund Policy page. We are happy to assist to ensure that you are satisfied with the service and quality of the produce purchased through us.

All the products listed in the online shop is what is on offer for the week.  Special orders can be send to

As new farmers join our Alliance, the product range will expand on a continuous basis.  It is the vision to eventually present you with an option to purchase a range of meat, fish, fruit, salads, vegetables, dairy, eggs, herbs, oil products, bakery, snacks and prepared food products; all proudly South African and sourced from our South African farmers only.  We pledge to introduce more quality products on a weekly basis.

Minimum values of order were introduced because it was no longer possible to deliver orders in a profitable way for less than that amount.

If you cannot reach the amount, ask your neighbour or a friend and combine your order to be one order – after collection of your order you can divide the order accordingly.