Deliveries and Orders

In order to ensure that you understand our delivery policy and procedures, please read this thoroughly:


Acquaint yourself with the towns and suburbs we are currently servicing with deliveries. If you purchase products from the online shop and do not choose a delivery address from the towns listed, your order can not be processed.

(We have marketing teams visiting new areas every week, keep watching this space for new areas listed weekly.)

Please click here to see the Delivery Areas currently in service.

The above table should have made it clear to you what areas are delivered.  If something is unclear, please send us a mail at:  or a WhatsApp to 0845886750.


Familiarise yourself now with the day of the week which your order will be delivered.

Remember, deliveries will take place on the latest 3 working days after placing and paying your order.


You must collect your order from the collection point chosen when you placed the order.  PLEASE NOTE: certain collection points receive a donation from AFA for each order that is collected from them. For example: AFA and its alliance farmers makes a fix amount donation varying between R6-R30 per order, (depending on the size of the order) to the 6-8 Centre NPO of NG Church White River for every order that is collected from them.  Several charity organizations, eg the Compassion fund of the primary school in White River, benefits from these donations.  This enables AFA and its farmers to give back again to the communities that is supporting us!

Updates of the payments from AFA to these organisations will be posted on the facebook page regularly.


For your convenience, orders can be placed any day of the week.  Please allow however three working days for the delivery of your order.

This is important, because we must go through a logistical process to reconcile all orders and give it through to the farmers to harvest the correct quantities and have the produce delivered to our pack house on time.  This ensure that you receive the freshest possible produce each week.

A few administration issues for you to know:

  • A single order delivered to your private home/or office will carry only a R57.50 (VAT inclusive) delivery fee, while the option to have it delivered at the collection point of your choice, only a R25 (VAT inclusive) fee.
  • You will receive friendly assistance at collection points and it will take you only a few minutes to pick up your order. The operational hours of a collection point is indicated on your invoice, but please collect as early as possible when it becomes available as our delivery vehicles must deliver to other customers as well. You will be informed via WhatsApp when your order has arrived and maybe a reminder when it is getting late and your order is still not collected.
  • Remember to take some sort of identification with you when you collect your order, like an ID card or driver’s licence, or even better, the proof of payment that was emailed to you. This would ensure that each order ends up with its correct owner.
  • Lastly, remember when you go to collect your order to take the packaging material from last week with you.